Arts and Culture Commission

The purpose of the Richmond Arts and Culture Commission (RACC) is to promote and encourage the development of and interest in the fine and performing arts, and to act in an advisory capacity to the city concerning its artistic and cultural development and the preservation of Richmond’s heritage.

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Term Expiration

Lynson Beaulieu, Chair*10/01/2019
 (final term) 01/31/2027
Ted Bell II02/07/202301/31/2027

VACANT by ordinance effective 06/19/202106/19/2025 (unexpired term;
resigned by Tom Herriman)
VACANT *02/20/2018
(final term) 01/31/2024 (unexpired term; 
resigned by Melissa Kirk)
Melody Kozma-Kennedy02/07/202301/31/2027

VACANTby ordinance effective 06/19/2021
06/19/2025 (unexpired term;
resigned by Emily Leighton)
Phillip Mehasby ordinance effective 6/19/2021 06/19/2025
Carole Porter02/21/202301/31/2027

Arleide da Silva Santos

Kaelen Van Cura, Vice Chair03/07/202301/31/2027

VACANTby ordinance effective 6/19/2021 06/19/2025 (unexpired term;
resigned by Deborah Dyer)

 VACANTby ordinance effective 06/19/2021 06/19/2025 (unexpired term;
resigned by Siobhan Hayes)

*Filling an unexpired term

City Council Liaisons: 

Soheila Bana (RAAC)
Doria Robinson (PAAC Subcommittee)

Staff Liaison:

 Winifred Day, Arts and Culture Manager (510) 620-6952