Water Quality

Everyone Needs to Help Keep Our Water Clean
The City of Richmond is unique in the Bay Area because it manages water quality issues as a municipality and not as a district; it is managed through elected officials.

Richmond has within it boundaries three sanitary sewer districts.
  • Managed by the City of Richmond - Only the Richmond Municipal Sewer District 
  • Managed by a Board of Director system - West County Wastewater District and Stege Sanitary District

The City manages all stormwater quality issues within the city limits.

Potable Water and Sanitary Services
The City does not manage a potable water service or manage the sanitary landfill. East Bay Municipal Utility District manages and provides the potable water conveyance to housing and business in the City. Richmond Sanitary Services is a solid waste management facility that deals with the pickup and disposal of solid wastes from residences and businesses.